Why Engage a Sell-Side Advisor

If you are thinking of selling your company, you will want to consider all necessary options to maximize your outcome. You may think accepting an offer from one of the records and information management industry consolidators is the best and most straight forward option but this truly is not the case. In our experience, when there is competition for a properly positioned company among a pool of logical buyers, it is inevitable, and proven, that interested parties are more likely to offer a higher price than you might receive from one potential buyer you solicit yourself or may have received. We have seen cases where owners received offers from competitive bidders in a professionally managed auction that were 20% to 30% higher than the initial direct offer received from one of the industry consolidators.

Further, you have a business to run, and chances are, you and your employees do not have the time to run your business and effectively manage all the complexities associated with selling your business. The process of gathering and analyzing key information, presenting it to buyers in the most favorable light and then managing the buyer to ensure the transaction moves ahead smoothly are all critical steps in the process which require time and focus. Having acquired and sold many businesses, the team at Pioneer knows what is required to efficiently and professionally manage the process of selling your business from start to finish, ensuring that your goals are achieved.

Finally, if the sale transaction is not structured and documented properly, the owners of the business could end up with unfavorable tax outcomes or exposure to additional legal risk post-closing. Many of the buyers in the records and information management industry have significant acquisition experience which puts owners at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to negotiating purchase price, transaction structure and business and legal terms that end up in the final purchase agreement, non-competition agreement and other ancillary transaction documents.

Having the team at Pioneer Capital on your side evens the playing field and allows you to benefit from the vast experience we have had as both buyers and sellers of records and information management companies. Our experience will help you achieve your goals and increase your chances of achieving the best possible purchase price with the most favorable tax structure and final purchase agreement terms.